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***** New Bosworth Market is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars, based on 22 reviews!

  • *****

    Best carnitas in the city. They make the pupusas by hand, right in front of your face. If you didn't know, now you know.

  • *****

    Since La Santaneca Closed a few years ago, this is the next best place for delicious Pupusas at reasonable costs, as is all food on their menu.

  • *****

    Since La Santaneca Closed a few years ago, this is the next best place for delicious Pupusas at reasonable costs, as is all food on their menu.

  • *****

    If Flor is cooking, this food is 5-stars. She's a very skilled cook & her care & artistry shows. Still a good value for dollar if she's not cooking, but a 10 of 10 if she's manning the grill. Thanks Flor!

  • *****

    New bosworth market is a Very convenient local grocery store, the staff is very nice and ready to help!

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    Papusas have always been incredible at this location. It's a hidden gem for sure as you would expect it to be just a small grocery store. But walk to the back and you will be happy that you did. I have always been impressed with the consistency of the food here and will always come back for more papusas.

  • *****

    I enjoy coming here to eat because the food is delicious and at good prices.
    They have the necessities I need.

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    This place is a hidden gem. They are a neighborhood liquor and convenient store but they also make Mexican food to go in the back. Their papusas are excellent. Hot and crispy with cheese and your choice of meat or no meat and beans if you choose. They also sell some Mexican packaged food in the store. The plantain chips were really good. Great place to get a bite or snack.

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    Came in on a Wednesday, 9:20pm. Mauricio at the front was helping another guest. Parking was pretty difficult but I found a very tiny spot in front of two garages. So I knew not to stay too long. Used my high school Spanish game and was like, "Senor, tienes Masa Harina?"

    "Si, alli," he said and pointed to his left.

    I was super excited because I searched far and wide, Whole Foods and Safeway, but they didn't have the authentic kind that I was looking for. That authentic Hecho Mexico Masa Harina. Ya feels what I'm saying???

    I spotted the MaSeCa brand and took a whopping three 4.84 pounds of Masa Harina for my cooking class!!! Amigo asked if I was making tamales, I was like nah, I'm making Pupusas!!!! #yee thanks Mauricio! I'll be back next time to try your Pupusas and get more Masa Harina para tamales!


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    The food is great, but I like going there for the chick that works there...she's hot!

  • *****

    New Bosworth Market, near the Glen Park Bart Station, at 145 Bosworth is our walking-home-from-the-Bart favorite place for everything. Milk, beer, laundry soap, coffee...motor oil, charcoal...what else...candy, lottery tickets, milk, Coffeemate, Splenda, beef jerky...and on, and on, and on. It's perfect.

    Flor and Joe are there to attend you, and are friendly and accomodating. If you go around lunchtime, they have a killer deli in the back---they'll make you a giant, delicious turkey or roast beef sandwich. Or salami, or ham. Or a turkey club. And there's pasta salad, potato salad, pepperoncini....

    UPDATE: I had a get-together at my house yesterday. My plan was to grill up some high-quality meats (Venison from my uncle's and New York steak for the feint of heart) to make tacos, as well as the potlucky things my friends were bringing. Running around frantically before they all arrived, I grabbed three jars of salsa from Papalote (6.99 each is TOTALLY fair), then shot over to New Bosworth for some pupusas to serve as appetizers.

    I asked Flor, "?Tienen diez pupusas ya listos?"

    Flor: "No, pero ahorita las hago."

    Me: "Okay, que me haces cinco de a queso y cinco revueltos con queso y chicharrones por favor."

    Flor got busy flattening the maza and creating the pupusas before my very eyes. Next thing I knew, she had them on the griddle to brown them and wrapped in aluminum foil.

    How much? $1.50 each.


    And DELICIOUS! I am seriously addicted now. If you live near Bosworth between Mission and Glen Park station, GET YOUR ASS OVER THERE and watch them make you the best pupusas ever.

  • *****

    This a very cool little store. They have your typical convenience store stuff: candy, snacks, ice cream, small grocery items. They even carry small house hold items: laundry detergent, dish washing soap, feminine products, toiletries and fresh fruit. They even have small toys for the kids!

    What I like is the hot food that they have in the back of the store. The Papusa's are DELICIOUS! I always get the all cheese and it's a great snack for the kids. My favorite item to buy there are the Enchilada's. They take carry-out orders so I usually just call my order in and in 20 minutes, it's ready for pick-up.

  • *****

    Whoa! Given my poor knowledge of the central american cuisine, I have to said the best Pupusa I ever had, cook to order, served hot and with fresh Curtido (Pickle Cabagge) plenty of smiles, feel just like home! Great place to have a quick lunch. Definitely will come back soon!

  • *****

    I pass by this store on the 23 many times. Wow, I am surprised to see a corner store on Bosworth St. This is just your typical convenience and corner stores. This store is within a walking distance from Glen Park BART Station.

    Here are some of the convenience stores I've been to:
    -- Mike's Market
    -- White Palace Liquor Store
    -- Hillcrest Market
    -- Mission Silver Market and
    -- Glen Park Market

    Street and residential parking is available in this area. Good luck finding a spot to park your car if you do drive here.

    Public Transit Options:
    23 Monterey
    14 Mission
    49 Van Ness-Mission
    14L Mission Limited

    EDIT FROM 09/04/2013:
    This is one of the stores with a deli and taqueria in the back. I came in and ordered a Chicken Burrito with Rice and Cheese since I was craving for a burrito while walking down Bosworth St. This is one of the best and delicious burritos I've eaten. The people who run this place are very friendly. I am craving for another burrito as I edit this review.

  • *****

    Given the lower price plus equal-to-better quality (less cheese, more filling), I'd grab a pupusa here over Balompie anytime. Grabbed a few snacks and hung out at the counter with (probably) one of the worker's kids, watching cartoons on the TV mounted above, while watching my lunch being made. Everyone was chill and the kitchen area was clean; it even felt a bit homey! Would definitely eat here often if I lived in the area.

  • *****

    (3.75 stars)

    What a convenient - convenient store. And they server warm food in the back?! Although I live off of the John Daly exit, I'm in this neighborhood every day. I drive to this neighborhood every morning and hop on BART from Glen Park Station.

    Great for:
    - snacks; i'm very picky when it comes to my beef jerky and they have the Obert thin style in the white packaging(can find those rarely in certain gas stations)
    - lottery tickets
    - warm south american food; haven't tried it yet

    Alot of the local neighbors come here for quick groceries. The only thing i dislike about this place; can't use your ATM card unless its $10+ so come here with cash.

    And i come here often for my lottery tickets, why dont they have a sign like all the other corner stores showing how much lottery is.

    Don't mind the crazy people out front, they're harmless.

    Will I be back? yup.

    Until the next review...

  • *****

    This place actually has everything. It's a great place to pop into and pick up any basic groceries. It looks kinda rundown on the outside, but it has a lot of stuff. They also have some ethnic cooking ingredients that are actually hard to find in other places.

  • *****

    What a great spot. Went in for a soda and came out with some of the best papusas ive ever had. They have a cool little bar stool style taquria in the bak everything made to order, fresh clean and delicious. The little lady in the bak needs a better helper, but it was great

  • *****

    This family owned and operated Bodega is one of the biggest things I miss about SF.

    Their tacos are Mexico comparable in both taste and cost (they run about 1.50/ea) -my personal fav was their chicken- and the service was always exceptionally friendly and quick.

    The store itself has a nice array of items for emergency/lazy needs and are great for late night/ sugar cravings.

    Ah New Bosworth, I miss you so.

  • *****

    My first ever neighborhood bodega! I am an official San Franciscan with my very own neighborhood bodega!

    They have pretty much every thing you can imagine would be available in a tiny neighborhood store. Some fresh fruit and veg, canned goods, beer, wine, tortillas, cheese, organic stuff, etc. etc. There is also a taqueria in the back of the store. Plus, this place is open all the time, which is useful when you are making dinner for a friend and you run out of milk at 8:00 PM.

  • *****

    I went to a holiday party and had to wear a name tag that underneath my name says "The Best Burrito on Earth is at __________"

    I put 'the corner store by my house.' It almost didn't fit.

    Breakfast burrito with chorizo is amazing too. And the pupusas. I just wish they had soup so I can walk over to get some when I'm sick, but I'm sure they'd make it for me if I asked!

    Because everything is made to order, like the meats - yes they cook it to order, it isn't already made sitting in plastic containers on a kitchen line - it takes a little longer. So call them and order ahead of time and give them 10 - 15 minutes. It's damn near worth waiting.

  • *****

    This my favorite corner store !

    And they have food ! Yes home cooked salvadorean food Cooked to order . Pupusas are not greasy and delicious . The Spanish rice and salsa are great and I love ordering it on the side !